Bindaree Bee Supplies

Bindaree Bee Supplies has been serving the beekeeping community since 1979. We have all the bits and pieces needed by apiarists, from educational courses to hives and bees.

We source only the best quality equipment, including Australian-made boxes, frames, foundation, and protective clothing. Bindaree is entirely plastic free, the material used for hives and frames is sourced from sustainable plantation-grown timber.

Check out our Starter Kits for Langstroth, Warre, and Top Bar Hives.

We specialise in extractors and honey processing equipment for the small to medium-sized operator.

To populate your new hive, bee colonies are available from October through December.

Besides running the Bindaree shop and managing Win’s Creek Meadery, Michael and Maryanne are experienced beekeepers. They can be quite helpful in getting you started, or if there are any questions along the way.


Friday and Monday 10 to 2 pm

Saturday and Sunday 10 to 4 pm

Phone: 0408 260 164

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4 months ago
Win's Creek Meadery

Bindaree reopens Saturday 🌈

We’re taking a couple of days break before school starts, re-opening Saturday as per usual 🌞

4 months ago

5 months ago
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Can someone help us to relocate this community of blue banded bees? They are in Yass, and the property owner would like to spray them if they are not moved.