• Introducing Your New Queen

    Queen Bees are usually available from queen breeders each year from some time in October. Hints for introducing queens...

  • Warre bee frame

    Top Bar Traveling Box

    A customer sent me this top bar traveling box to put a bee colony in. They’ve been in here for...

  • You May Need to Feed Your Bees

    This has been a miserable year for bees in the Canberra region; by the end of November there was...

  • Beekeeping in New York City!

    Beekeeping is taking off in the United States, in the unlikely setting of congested New York, after the lifting...

  • Requeening with a division board

    No need to find and kill old queen? Beginner and experienced beekeepers alike are often daunted by the prospect...

  • Removing bees from a chimney

    Removing Bees from a Chimneyby Paul Hooper Having removed a well established hive from the wall cavity of a...

  • Removing bees from a house wall

    Bee removal (1.4 Mb pdf)

  • Beelining – finding feral nests

    AN INTRODUCTION TO BEELINING by David Banks and Barbara WaterhouseAustralian Quarantine and Inspection Service Recent incursions of Asian bees...

  • Mead making

    You asked for it! Rosanne’s mead making tips We had some visitors one day, a while back. John and...

  • Lemon Wine

    Of Swarming bees and Lemon trees It was a Monday morning one spring day at about 11.00am when the...