About Us

About us

Bindaree Bee Supplies was started in 1979 and has always been a small family business. We have all the bits and pieces needed by apiarists, from industry information to hives and bees.

We source only the best quality equipment, including Australian-made boxes, frames, foundation and tools. We specialise in extractors and honey processing equipment for the small to medium-sized operator. Protective clothing and starter kits with everything a new beekeeper could need are also available.

We don’t just sell equipment, we’re also beekeepers managing Wins Creek Honey. My own interest in bees goes back almost 50 years, when as a small boy, my brother and I knocked down a swarm of bees. It was up in a very large cherry tree. Our childhood memories always seem to be exaggerated, but I can remember us running for our lives, and me being stung hundreds of times. Somehow I got stung many times on the soles of my feet, and it was several days before I could walk again.

Forty years later, my son James, at a similar age to me when I had my initiation, also developed a facination with bees. It was his interest that prompted us to get our first hive. We had moved out to the country and were looking for something we could raise on our rural block. Bees, it turns out, were ideally suited to this. From one hive we could produce more than enough honey for family and friends.

We’ve been slowly developing Wins Creek since I retired from CSIRO in 2005. Our bees are moved around NSW from Cootamundra to the South Coast and up to the Snowy Mountains, producing honey from species such as yellow box, spotted gum, red stringybark, yellow stringybark, chestnut, lavender, and tea tree. We take pride in producing pure natural honey with minimal processing and without the use of chemicals.

Education and the promotion of beekeeping has always been a focus of Bindaree and Win’s Creek Honey. For the last several years, we have had an exhibit on beekeeping at the annual Murrumbateman Field Days. We’ve done presentations on beekeeping, honey and mead making at Floriade and various other events. We have worked closely with the Beekeepers Association of the ACT in their Spring course on Backyard Beekeeping and with their exhibit at the Canberra Show. Currently, we offer courses and workshops on beekeeping and creating a bee-friendly garden.

As part of our apiary consulting services, we can advise and assist beekeepers setting up commercial apiaries, and are always available for friendly advice. Give us a call on 0408 260 164 or send us an email now.