Bees Plus Complete Langstroth Hive

Bees Plus Complete Langstroth Hive


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Langstroth hives are the standard rectangular beehives you see everywhere. We assemble and paint all of the hives here. They’re made of plantation grown radiata pine; the timber is 22 mm thick. Frames are handmade, with stainless steel wire, brass eyelets, and beeswax foundation.

In addition to the bees, the Langstroth hive package includes:

  1. Two 8-frame timber boxes, fully assembled, and painted, $75 each
  2. Timber lid, with Colourbond metal cover, $69
  3. Timber base, cleats and risers, $65
  4. Handmade timber frames with beeswax foundation (16), $10.50 each
  5. Metal queen excluder, $23

The cost of the hive is $475, and a 4-frame colony of bees, normally $220, is $198 with the hive package. Total for both bees and hive is $673. The package can be booked with a $50 deposit. When you come to collect your bees they will already be in their new hive.

We are considering a few different options for you to collect bees in a COVID-safe way. In the past, we’ve always spent a fair bit of time with each person of family if they need it, getting them aquainted with what they need to know. This interaction may not be possible so we are preparing a series of short videos to replace it. We offer free delivery to Canberra during lockdown.