BYO Hive Workshop

BYO Hive Workshop


Build Your Own Hive

3 December 2022, 10 am to 2 pm

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Making your own hive can be one of the most rewarding aspects of beekeeping. And if you think that you might like to have more than one hive, it can also save heaps of money. Building your own hive costs less than half what a fully assembled and painted hive costs.

There are four different types of timber hives that you might like to build. (I’m not of fan of plastic or polystyrene hives, so I won’t say anything about them here.) In this workshop, you can build your own Langstroth or Warre Hive, including the lid, base, boxes and frames. If you have an un-assembled Flow Hive, you can bring that and we’ll show you how to assemble and paint or seal it. We have all the tools, brushes, and paint set up here. If you’re interested in building a top bar hive, we can get you started with plans and design, but there wouldn’t be enough time to build one completely. You can however, build a top bar travelling box, a smaller version of the top bar hive, which can be used for transport or to start a new top bar colony.

The cost for the course does not include materials. This will vary depending on the type of hive that you would like to build.