Bottling Tank – Maxant

Bottling Tank – Maxant
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  • Stainless steel bottling tank.
  • Made in USA


Honey stored in 20 litre buckets can be easily decrystallised.

Out of stock

Second only to the honey extractor, this will be the most useful item of equipment in the honey shed. It works equally well for bottling honey and purifying wax.

Temperature controlled to gently warm honey at hive temperature, or increase the temperature to melt and purify wax cappings. Crystallised honey is no longer an issue.

Features include heavy gauge stainless steel, water-jacketed tank, visual glass gauge showing height of water in water jacket, chromalox heating element, temperature gauge, stainless steel no drip valve.

The Model 600-2 unit has a 90 kg capacity, and measures 44 cm diameter x 61 cm high. Special order units with capacities of 135, 225, 450, 900, or 1800 kg are also available.

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