Canberra's Urban Beekeeping Specialist and Home of Wins Creek Honey

Bindaree Bee Supplies

Bindaree Bee Supplies has been serving the beekeeping community since 1979. We have all the bits and pieces needed by apiarists, from industry information to hives and bees.

We source only the best quality equipment, including Australian-made boxes, frames, foundation and tools. We specialise in extractors and honey processing equipment for the small to medium-sized operator. Protective clothing and starter kits with everything a new beekeeper could need are also available.

Besides running the Bindaree shop located in Murrumbateman, Mike and Maryanne are also experienced beekeepers, managing Wins Creek Honey. They can be quite helpful in getting you started or if there are any problems along the way.


Bindaree Has A New Shop!

Just next to the CalTex Service Station on the Barton Highway, Murrumbateman

Extended Shop Hours: 9am to 4pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

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  • skeps

    Medieval Beekeeping, Thursday 18 June

    Bees supply us with moral lessons:  they begin life as legless grubs and finally rise to the possession of wings, they are chaste, obedient to their King, and have all...

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  • Doug-Purdie

    Doug Purdie, Monday 16 February

    Doug Purdie will be at the next ACT Beekeepers Association meeting on Monday 16 February. Doug is President of the Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW and also President of the Sydney Bee Club....

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    Bees Return to Historic Homestead Properties

    Bees were returned to two historic homestead properties near Yass yesterday. The properties are on opposite sides of the Murrumbidgee River.  The grandfather of one of the owners used to keep...

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