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  • Introducing Your New Queen

    Queen Bees are usually available from queen breeders each year from some time in October. Hints for introducing queens...

  • Requeening with a division board

    No need to find and kill old queen? Beginner and experienced beekeepers alike are often daunted by the prospect...

  • Removing bees from a chimney

    Removing Bees from a Chimneyby Paul Hooper Having removed a well established hive from the wall cavity of a...

  • Removing bees from a house wall

    Bee removal (1.4 Mb pdf)

  • Bee Stings – Toxic Effects and Allergy

    by Jim Wright AM, MD, FRACS, FACS (Dr Wright is a retired medical practitioner and a member of the...

  • Starting with Bees

    It was the dead of night. We were ascending the Kings Highway out of Queanbeyan. There’s a bend in...