Complete Langstroth Hive

Complete Langstroth Hive


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Weight 40.0 kg
Dimensions 55 × 35 × 80 cm

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The Langstroth hive is the most commonly used system for beekeeping and has remained largly unchanged for the last 150 years. Commercial beekeepers and most backyard beekeepers use this hive. Bindaree hives are Australian-made from plantation timber, and come fully assembled, wax dipped and painted. The timber frames are handmade with stainless steel wire, brass eyelets and beeswax foundations.

The 8-frame complete package includes:

  1. Two 8-frame timber boxes, fully assembled and painted, $75 each
  2. Timber lid, with Colourbond metal cover, $70
  3. Timber base, cleats and risers, $65
  4. Handmade timber frames with beeswax foundation (16), $11 each
  5. Metal queen excluder, $23

May also be purchased with a colony of bees for an additional $220. Click here to book bees.

There is a 10-frame size for Langstroth hives. Let us know if you would prefer this size, and we can make it up for you, or you can construct and paint one yourself.