Wins Creek Mead is Available at Capital Region Farmers Market

Keely Magic – honey mead

Mead has a very long and romantic history. It’s made from very simple ingredients, basically just honey, water and yeast. We’ve been developing this craft for the last several years and recently began producing it commercially.

Most people would expect meads to be sweet and they usually are, although they can be dry as well. Our honey mead is called Keely Magic.  It is an outstanding mead, soft and gentle on the palate, similar to a fine sherry.

Mead is often made by adding fruit which gives it a variety of different colours and tastes. These are called melomels. We have melomels made with apples, plums, boysenberries, mulberries, and cherries. The boysenberry mead is called Pinto Rose, and is exceptional.

You can stop by for a taste experience and/or purchase at the Capital Region Farmers Market, Site 163 Saturday mornings, 7:00 to 12:00 am.  For information on the markets see their website: