Making beeswax candles


Place one sheet of beeswax foundation on a firm, hard surface. Measure and mark the outline shape for the candle design you have chosen, using a straight edge.

Cut out the shape of the candle design you have chosen with a sharp knife or scissors.

Lay out the wax shape on a piece of thin cardboard or paper, and place in a warm oven until the edge of the wax becomes pliable (or heat with a hair drier or hot air gun). Note that beeswax softens at 32º C and melts at 62º C.

Remove the wax from the heat source. Cut a length of candlewick 15mm longer than the planned height of the candle, and press the wick into the side of the shape which represents the height of the candle.

Roll the wax around the wick by rolling firmly with the outspread fingers of both hands, until the candle is fully rolled. Trim the wick if oversize, and dip the tip in melted wax to assist in lighting up.

Using the diagrams below, cut the wax as shown, place the wick as shown, and roll in the direction of the arrow.


For further supplies of wax foundation and wick, contact: Wins Creek Honey  Phone: 02 6226 8866.