1 kg. honey

5 litres water

700 g. sugar

100 g. raisins, chopped

1 kg cooking apples

juice of l lemon



Boil the honey and water for 15 minutes, skimming off any scum that forms on top. Pour into a bucket and stir in the sugar, chopped raisins, and the finely chopped apples. Stir well and cover. When cool add the lemon juice, (use hydrometer now if you are calculating alcohol levels) and nutrient, and yeast. Stir twice daily for seven days, then strain into a 5-litre jar and fit a fermentation lock. Leave alone in a warm place until fermentation has ceased (no more bubbles are rising up through the fermentation lock). Then, use the hydrometer again, if calculating alcohol level. If the value recorded is 990, you may siphon the wine into bottles.