Complete, Warre hive

Complete, Warre hive


Can be supplied with bees

If you would like us to supply bees with your Warre Hive, they are available for an additional $220.



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Described by A. E. Warre, in his book Beekeeping for All, the Warre hives are part of a system called Natural Beekeeping.

Bindaree Warre hives are handmade in Murrumbateman. Everything is fully assembled. The interior is untreated and the exterior is treated with organic decking oil (citrus, linseed oil, tung oil and beeswax).

The complete hive consists of three boxes, base, quilting box, and 24  frames.  The optional “pigeon house” (pictured above) costs $175. It fits over the quilting box and provides protection from the heat of the sun, adding character and making the hive a decorative landscape feature.

They can also be supplied with an established bee colony, only available in the Spring.

The Warre beehives were special ordered. We only have a limited stock, so individual components are not sold separately.