The Natural Hive

The Natural Hive


This course is organised as part of National Science Week, 12-20 August 2017.


This course is organised for Science Week, 12-20 August 2017. There are four courses listed, 12, 17, 18, and 19 August.

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12 Aug, 1 pm, 17 Aug, 11 am, 18 Aug, 11 am, 19 Aug, 1 pm

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The social structure of honeybees is an inspiration to ourselves. How do thousands of bees, working in the dark, organise themselves to build the perfect honeycomb structure, and then to go out and collect the honey and pollen to fill it?  How do they accomplish such amazing feats? The honeycomb consists of a large number of hexagonal cells, expertly constructed from beeswax and propolis. The spacing, curve and shape of the combs is also precisely defined. In this course, we will explain what is known about the complex social behaviour of bees that has evolved over millions of years. We’ll look at the underlying division of labour, and observe through the viewing windows of an indoor cathedral hive, the hive itself, in its various stages of construction.