Raw Energy Beekeeping Course

Raw Energy Beekeeping Course


Honey is pure raw energy, produced from hundreds of thousands of flowers and tens of thousands of bees.

In this course, we'll suit up, collect honey frames and bring them into the shed for extraction. We'll go through uncapping, spinning, and filtering of the honey and explain the steps involved in rendering beeswax to produce exquisite hand made candles. We'll demonstrate how to do a health inspection and prepare your hives for winter. Finish with a tasting of honey and mead.

The course is ideal for anyone just starting in beekeeping or wanting to gain more experience and confidence looking after these fascinating creatures. Suitable for adults and older age children. Covers Langstroth, Warre, Top Bar and Flow Hives. It's not necessary to have previously taken the Art & Science of Beekeeping Course.

Starts at 9:00 and finishes at 3:00. Morning tea and lunch are included. We'll do the beekeeping in the morning when it's cooler.



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2 Feb 2019

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Honey is pure raw energy. This is a short course focused on hive maintenance, health checks, and Autumn shut down. For the hands on beekeeping part of the course, we will collect and harvest honey from Warre, Top Bar and Langstroth hives. Take home a jar of your own freshly harvested pure, raw honey.