Nucleus Colonies (Deposit)

Nucleus Colonies (Deposit)


Available from October through December


If you’re purchasing a Starter Kit or have a hive already and need to repopulate it, you’ll need the queen and a few thousand bees to go with her. They can be obtained either as swarms, package bees or colonies. We supply nucleus colonies, “nukes” or “colonies” for short. Nukes differ from swarms or package bees in that they are already established on frames with honey and brood. The young queen is selected to suit an urban beekeeping environment. She’s keen but not mean.

We have colonies for Langstroth, Flow, Warre and Top Bar Hives; they include four frames of honey/brood, a new queen, and up to 3000 bees. When you come to pick up your bees, we’ll put them in your hive and explain what you need to know to look after them.

It’s best to preorder the colonies, so that you can get them earlier in the season. When booking there is a $50 non-refundable deposit. The total cost is $200, or $180 if getting a starter kit.

Only available from October through December.

Pickup from shop only, as we’re not able to ship them.

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Langstroth, Flow, Warre, Top Bar

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