Mini Hive Workshop

Mini Hive Workshop



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10 Nov, 24 Nov, 1 Dec, 15 Dec

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This course dispels the myth that beekeeping is somehow too complicated, or perhaps dangerous. Even without a Flow Hive, beekeeping is not complicated, and bees are basically very gentle creatures. We’ll cover all of the important points from the two-day course in two hours. What you don’t learn or don’t remember here, you can easily pick up from a bit of extra reading or YouTube. Most of the time is spent in front of the hive, handling the bees and inspecting the hives. We’ll examine four different hive systems including Langstroth, flow hive, Warre hive and top bar hives. The course is limited to five individuals, so you’ll have no excuse for not asking questions, or not getting in and enjoying the experience of working with these animals first hand.

So if you’re curious to find out about bees, or just getting started in beekeeping and would like a few tips and instruction on how to look after them, this course is right for you.