Art & Science of Beekeeping Course

Art & Science of Beekeeping Course


Bindaree Bee Supplies and Wins Creek Meadery are offering a unique beekeeping course. Bindaree will provide instruction on the Art & Science of Beekeeping and Wins Creek Meadery will be catering on both days. What better way to spend a weekend away, enjoying and learning about these fascinating creatures.

Whether you have a flow hive, Langstroth, top bar or Warre hive, the principles of beekeeping are the same. Art & Science is a two-day course covering what we know about bees and how to look after them. The Science of beekeeping will cover bee genetics, biology and disease control. The Art of beekeeping involves actual hands on experience working with these animals and constructing the frames and hives for them to live in.

Four course dates are offered with a limit of 10 people per course. Course attendees get priority bookings for honey bee colonies to start their new adventure. For the November and December courses, you could bring your hive and bees home with you after finishing the course.


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7-8 Sept 2019, 12-13 Oct 2019, 2-3 Nov 2019, 7-8 Dec 2019

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The Art and Science of Beekeeping is a unique weekend course combining practical instruction and hands-on beekeeping. Course instructors, Michael and Warren have combined beekeeping experience of more than 25 years. Warren is an expert in Natural Beekeeping with Warre hives. Michael is a commercial honey producer and business owner, his qualifications can be viewed on Linkdin.

The Science part of the course will cover what we know about the biology and behaviour of these fascinating creatures. The Art of beekeeping will involve hands-on beekeeping experience. You will learn how to build your own bee hive, construct beeswax frames and assemble and paint hive boxes. We will examine bees first hand, in three different systems including Langstroth, Top Bar and Warre hives. The apiary is located in Murrumbateman about 1 km from Bindaree and Wins Creek.

Morning tea and lunch both days are included at Win’s Creek Meadery.

Murrumbateman is an ideal tourist destination. It is surrounded by Cool Climate Wine Country and on the doorstep of the Nation’s Capital. Wins Creek Meadery and Bindaree Bee Supplies are located in the historic Traveller’s Rest Inn, ca. 1879.


A course outline is as follows:

Day 1 (10 am to 4 pm)

Morning: Science

Evolution of honey bees and flowering plants

Life stages and forms of honeybees

Queenbees and Drones

Swarming behaviour – How to reduce the risk of swarming and catch them if they do

The Natural Hive

The Domesticated Hive – What type of hive should I get? We’ll cover Langstroth, Flow, Warre and Top Bar Hives.


Afternoon: Art

Hive & Frame Construction

We will construct and paint a timber hive, including the lid, base and boxes.  You will show you how to assemble, wire and attach beeswax foundation to frames. If you have an unassembled Flow Hive and would like to bring that to the course, we can help you with assembling it.


Day 2 (10.00 pm to 4.00 pm)

Morning Science

Pests & Diseases

Honey and other products of the hive

Bee stings and allergies

Honey extraction, feeding, and hive maintenance

Lunch, includes mead tasting

Afternoon Art

Hands-on Beekeeping Experience

Inspect Langstroth, Warre and Top Bar hives, in situ.